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We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change. - Sheryl Sandberg Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. - Henry Ford Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. - John D. Rockefeller

Videre means “to see”;  a boutique advisory firm that specializes working with business families across Canada.

Our focus is on taking care of your wealth planning so that your families, businesses and goals are well taken care of, regardless of what obstacles the future may bring.

With expert strategic partners in multiple financial organizations across the country we can access the best of the best planning and financial instruments for you and your family.

Sometimes it takes a new set of eyes to identify solutions to problems before they arise. You tell us where you’re going, and we’ll get you there safely ensuring the right people are aboard to navigate the trip.

Business Advisory

Our business advisory practice is all about seeing the bigger picture.

Family Advisory

Our family advisory practice is focussed on understanding your family values. It’s important to understand your goals and ensure they are met.

Wealth Advisory

Our wealth advisory practice aims to understand your financial needs.

Latest News

Corporate Estate Bond

As a business owner, you've built a successful business and a lot of your net worth and assets are tied into your corporation. The corporate estate bond strategy is an estate planning strategy that helps reduce your corporate taxes and create an increased estate benefit for your heirs or favourite charity.

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Writing an estate plan is important if you own personal assets but is all the more crucial if you also own your own business. This is due to the additional business complexities that need to be addressed, including tax issues, business succession and how to handle bigger and more complex estates. Seeking professional help from an accountant, lawyer or financial advisor is an effective way of dealing with such complexities.

10 Essential Decisions for Business Owners

Business owners can be busy… they’re busy running a successful business, wearing lots of hats and making a ton of decisions. We've put together a list of 10 essential decisions for every business owner to consider.

2019 Federal Budget

The 2019 budget is titled “Investing in the Middle Class. Here are the highlights from the 2019 Federal Budget.

Why provide an employee benefits plan?

Business owners are increasingly recognizing the key importance of implementing employee benefit plans in their organization

Insured Retirement Program

For higher income earners who wish to contribute more to their pension savings than they can benefit from under the plans which are subject to annual caps, options can be limited. The insured retirement program is an effective way to bridge the retirement savings gap for such individuals in a cost-effective way.

Key Person Insurance

As a business owner, you've built a successful business, if you to any of your key employees or shareholders become critically ill, disabled or pass away, this could have a significant impact on your business. Contact us for a complimentary review.

2019 Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar for 2019- All the deadlines you need to know to maximize your benefits!

Small Business New Tax Rules

2018 Canadian Budget for business owners focused on tax tightening measures: Small Business Tax Rate Reduction from 10% to 9%. Passive Investment Income held within the corp (Reduction begins at $50,000) Tax on Split Income

2018 Federal Budget Highlights for Business

The government’s 2018 federal budget focuses on a number of tax tightening measures for business owners. It introduces a new regime for holding passive investments inside a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). (Previously proposed in July 2017.)

2018 Federal Budget Highlights for Families

Several key changes relating to personal financial arrangements are covered in the Canadian government’s 2018 federal budget, which could affect the finances of you and your family.

2018 Financial Calendar

Financial Calendar for 2018 - All the deadlines you need to know to maximize your benefits!

Client Appreciation

I have looked for a group like them for a few years to help me with my personal finances and intricacies of running my business, I believe that they help in new and unique ways different from your typical advisors, I am very happy with what I found

J.F. Agriculture

They have been with me and my company from the very beginning. Their wealth of knowledge and experience helped me conceptualize my company, build an effective business plan, and operationalize it. Whether you work in a specialized field or you’re looking for general advice, they are versatile and will give you real solutions that suit your needs. They are truly trusted counsel.

J.P.P. Legal